9 Steps to Becoming an Unforgettable Coach

by Jane Erbacher

“From Good to Great” has been a topic I have thought about for years. This ebook is designed for coaches and fitness professionals to go from good to great in their career, but it can absolutely be enjoyed by anyone looking to take their life from good to great.

14 Years in Fitness

Having worked in the Fitness Industry for 14 years, I have been around long enough to experience the very best the industry has to offer and also some of the very worst. I’ve been in sessions that blew me away and I’ve been in sessions that have almost made me cry (and not in a good way). I’ve trained with people who are literally mesmerizingly unforgettable, and I’ve been in sessions where I couldn’t tell you one thing about the coach.

…was there even a coach?

The question I have asked over and over and over again is “what actually sets us apart?“. What are the defining differences that makes one experience better than another? How do some coaches build a cult following and others leave people feeling underwhelmed and discouraged?

Your work is never done if you want to live a great life.

What I’ve found is that to be a great coach rather than a good one, is not very different to being great at anything. We live in a culture of complacency. We think that once we get there, the work is done.

Your work is never done if you want to live a great life. The beauty of our lives is that every day we have hundreds of opportunities to choose to be better and live better and your job
as a coach or trainer is no different.

This ebook outlines nine steps for you to take your career and life from simply “good” to absolutely “great”. The intention is to orient you back onto the path that you started out on that was filled with passion and enthusiasm.

I want to give you a framework that you can refer to at any time to remind yourself how to be better at anything you choose every single day. I hope that it reminds you why you do what you do and I hope it encourages you to continually set your life on fire.