Jane Erbacher at Bennefit

October 20-21 10:00-17:00, 1/185 Port Hacking Road, Miranda, NSW 2228
Rowing and Skierging are the piece that’s missing. Come and see what you are actually capable of.

Project Row and Project Ski Bennefit

Project Row and Project Ski aren’t just about rowing and skiing… Weaved throughout I’ll show you how training success transfers to your life outside of the gym; that Practice Makes Permanent: i.e. what you do every day is what you do every day (so you should start practising doing things right), and how limiting beliefs creep in and ruin your performance in the gym, your business, and in life.

Day One

Project Row runs from 10 – 1pm, and after a break Project Ski runs from 2 – 5pm.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of good erging, and see for yourself just how much easier and faster it is when you do it right.

Day Two

Day Two is the Performance Project: a coach’s dream. Programming, advanced coaching methods, advanced drills, challenges, tests and a workout. This is where you’ll learn real skills you can apply to your own training, and take back to your own clients.


Certification is also available for coaches and athletes who want to join an amazing growing network of fitness professionals around the world who love to use the ergs to help their clients reach their goals. Being Certified unlocks invitations to host special events and level up your business.

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About Project Row and Ski

Rowing doesn’t have to suck.

My favourite quote from a seminar, ever, is someone describing rowing on the Concept2 Rowing erg as “Swimming backwards through treacle. Blindfolded, in the dark, after being slapped in the face.”

Have you ever sat on a rowing machine for a set distance, thrashing away as hard as you can, looking at the person next you cruising along get off about a minute before you do?

I know I have. And then CrossFit went and introduced the bloody skierg, and things got even worse.

Rowing and Skierging don’t have to be like swimming backwards through treacle. I’ve toured the world with Project Row and Project Ski, demystifying these movements and making them easier for thousands of people.








If it’s good enough for the Fittest On Earth…

James Newbury and Tia-Clair Toomey

I am SO happy that I got the chance to coach these two incredible athletes on the @concept2inc Skierg up at @tiaclair1’s homebase in Gladstone. The first time Tia touched a skierg was at the CrossFit Games in 2017. She’s the first to admit she struggled with it, but being who she is, she picked it up incredibly quickly.

Now she’s an absolute weapon on it, and I can’t wait to see what she does at the next Games – and maybe even the Regionals if we’re lucky!

@jamesnewbury has three skiergs in his box in Adelaide, and thought he was as “best he could”… But after making a few little changes to get some of his extraordinary power transferred properly, and becoming way more efficient, he knocked over 7 seconds off his 500m PB – and there’s plenty more left in that tank.

So excited that I could help these two and I wish them every success in the world.

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Where you thought you were working to the limits of your ability, it’s really just the start. Jane has a way of showing you how true that is.
Joe Cebula, CrossFit Twin Cities

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