Franchises are bad for the fitness industry.

Franchises are bad for the fitness industry.

Did you know that the fitness industry is largely unregulated? And not just here in Australia but worldwide.

You know that ‘coach’ or ‘trainer’ you have? Chances are they might have only done a weekend or even couple of hours course to gain the insurance they need to be telling you what to do.

And maybe you don’t care right now because you’re getting a good workout but honestly I think it’s time to demand better from the industry.

I honestly don’t believe that quality work in the fitness industry may only be obtained through courses & study, as on the job learning is still super valuable.

But these days I look around and I’m devastated at the quality we are putting up with.

Trainers are given the bare minimum training to keep their wages low so businesses can profit more. That’s what the norm is in our industry.

Franchises have found loopholes that mean if you haven’t programmed the workout, you don’t require specific qualifications to lead it.

Honestly this sucks. Find a gym & a coach who is doing what they can to continually improve your results & your experience.

How often does your coach or gym upskill? Read? Train with other coaches? Study? Try new things themselves?

The fitness industry have a responsibility to be up to date with the latest findings to have you moving better, feeling better & looking better. And right now, the priority is roll out scaleable products under the banner of a workout that is about getting bodies in a room.

I did this a couple of years ago but I’m going to do it again. Give a shout-out here to your coach and or gym & why they’re worth celebrating. Let’s raise the standard together.

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