Somebody asked me today why I’m obsessed with the skierg. I was like obsessed is a little dramatic…!

And then I thought to myself, wait a second I travelled across Australia with a skierg. I slept under it & pretended to my boyfriend that I didn’t mind (I minded) because he was getting tired of moving it for me (thanks babe).

As well as this, I talk about it for at least 50% of the time… other topics of interest for me include food, dogs, Lululemon, rowing… umm ok 60% of the time I probably talk about the skierg…. arghhh she was right! I am obsessed!

I found this thing & it freaking changed my life. It strengthened by butt, my core, it stopped my shoulders hurting & my tight hips stopped being so tight & transferred to a less tight lower back.

Yes the skierg did this. And I want to show you how it can do that for you too.

The only problem is it’s completely misunderstood. It’s a sport specific tool (10 points if you can guess what sport..) but 99% of people who use the skierg don’t do this sport… hence using it with the same pattern as this sport carries with it a range of inefficient loading in our already over-flexed hips and rounded shoulders (hello ailments of modern life – desk sitting, driving, hunching over a computer/phone/tablet).

If we’re not trying to skierg as skiers we’re jacking up the damper and expecting to create smooth & efficient movement sustainably when we’re quite literally working against the machine.

The more I write the more I realise I am obsessed. And you know what, yeah I am. I want everyone using the skierg efficiently & safely.

I don’t want you for one second exacerbating hip flexion without glute support if you can help it. And I definitely don’t want you getting strong with rounded shoulders & poor posture.

So now is the time to stop legitimising that back ache you have as part of the sport.

That body you want? You know the one you’re proud of, that looks good naked, that performs well, that’s strong, fit & athletic, but most of that’s injury FREE?

It’s possible & it starts with paying close attention to my directions, starting now.

  1. How to Skierg – Introduction
  2. How to Skierg – Part 1 Know Your Objective
  3. How to Skierg – Part 2 Know MY Objective
  4. How to Skierg – Part 3.1 History of the Concept2 Skierg
  5. How to Skierg – Part 3.2 Understanding the Mechanics Of The Machine
  6. How to Skierg – Part 4 Bio-Mechanics
  7. How to Skierg – Part 5 The Movement
  8. How to Skierg – Part 5.1 The Catch
  9. How to Skierg – Part 5.2 The Drive
  10. How to Skierg – Part 5.3 The Finish
  11. How to Skierg – Part 5.4 The Recovery
  12. How to Skierg – Part 6 Summary