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Ebony Bishop
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Fair to say that Jane’s workshop has changed my life and I’m looking forward to a sustainable healthy lifestyle and fitness regime utilising the Concept 2 Rower and Ski Erg and the associated movement patterns that Jane was able to share with us.
Meggan Berg
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Jane is an incredible leader and coach. Her passion is resounding and pours out of her when she leads, you can’t help but fall in love with her and the ergs! She makes these workshops fun, exciting, information filled with a balance of lecture, applying what you learn, and encourages paying forward your learnings.
Tanya Haeffle
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Jane has an excellent reputation so I had high expectations for the seminar weekend. I was completely blown away, not only by Janes incredible energy, but by the simplicity in which she delivers her knowledge. Surrounded by gym enthusiasts and experienced personal trainers alike there was plenty to be taken away for everyone.
Kelsey Graves
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I am so incredibly thankful to Jane for sharing her positivity, knowledge and enthusiasm towards health, fitness and life in general. Throughout the reset and upon finishing I have lost 18 kilograms and found a new love and respect for myself which has never existed before, for the first time ever I feel that these changes are sustainable and permanent, and that life can only get better!
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