Certification – Seminar Upgrade

$150.00 AUD

Seminar upgrade to Certified Instructor.


Upgrade fee for seminar attendees who wish to become Certified Instructors.

Be listed in our directory of Certified Coaches.
Receive referrals from enquiries looking for a coach.
Contribute articles to the Renegade blog, and build your profile.
Access to all our erg training resources.
Spiffy Certified T-Shirt.


Upon registration your enrolment will be manually completed, so there will be a short delay depending on the time of day you enrol. This is normal and we’ll do it ASAP!

Once enrolled you will be given access to an online course, where you’ll learn a few things and be reminded of a few more. There are quizzes, and you’re required to upload coaching videos. All in all, the exam should take no more than an hour. You will have 30 days maximum from enrolment to pass the course, after which a $50 re-sit fee is required to reattempt the course after the first 30 days has elapsed. Should you fail the exam, we’ll work closely with you to bring you up before you reattempt and – fingers crossed – pass!

If you have any questions, please contact us here.