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Welcome to The Resistance

We created the Resistance as a place for you to go. A place where there isn’t endless scrolling through junk to find what you’re looking for but rather where the content is relevant and the connections are real.

I walk away from every seminar proud of what we have built and excited that people have learnt something from us, but sad that I am leaving. I honestly have felt time after time that the communities we are welcomed into are the best in the world. The people have made us feel at home and have me realising that friendships can be built very quickly.

Because of this and because of the sadness in the lack of contact we have following seminars, we decided to build the Resistance as a way to maintain contact with you all and keep our community connected and strong.

The content on here is for you and by you, and we welcome your contribution wholeheartedly. I am tired of irrelevant content on social media these days and want somewhere I can go with interesting, up to date and factual information. Somewhere I can go to hear REAL stories of REAL people.

The Resistance is based upon the core values of community, connection, education, factual accuracy and betterment and we commit to upholding these values in all that we do and all that we share.

Welcome to the Resistance. Together we are stronger.

Core Values


Community, connectedness, belonging – however you’d like to refer to it, we are obsessed with the impact we can have on each others’ lives. We’ve all been in relationships that are unhealthy and it permeates our entire lives. I for one (Jane) spin out of control when I am around toxic people.

As a (trying to be reformed) people pleaser, I (surprisingly) try to be agreeable. Because of this, I often get trodden on and there’s only so many hits to your confidence you can take.

Because of the impact on all of that this toxicity can have, I am obsessed with us building a community based on respect and compassion. We have so much power every single day to make the world better and it starts with how we treat each other.

Our community and the connection between us all is key. That’s why the Resistance even exists – to connect like-minded people who want more from their life from all over the globe.

How do we connect though?

  1. Old school chat room:
  2. Declare your goals: Our goals board – interact with each other, ask for help, send words of encouragement
  3. Introduce yourself – share your story, answer our weekly questions

That’s why the Resistance even exists - to connect like-minded people who want more from their life from all over the globe.


Motivation – What’s your Driving Force?

What’s your why? Your driving force? For us it’s without a doubt impact. We lose our minds when we get to see someone’s confidence rise or life improve because of a skill we’ve given them or an experience we’ve had with them. For us this is absolutely what drives us and we fully believe it will change the world.

Your driving force might be your kids, your wife, your husband, love, education, equality – it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s yours and if you know what it is, it will absolutely get you through the days where everything feels too hard.

We want you to share your driving force:

(Tiles for people to add theirs – like little boxes)

Jane’s driving force:

Right now, it’s perseverance. Yes I’m always driven by impact and this underlies all that I do, but as of now – May 2019, I need to persevere. This past six months have been hard and I am so driven not to quit, not to walk away because it’s bump, but to persevere.

“It doesn’t do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” – Dumbledore

I (Jane) am obsessed with this quote because so many of us dream or daydream or hope and wish rather that getting in there and going for it.

Living means getting dirty, making mistakes, spending rather than saving, falling over, starting again, taking risks, opening yourself up, being vulnerable – BUT THAT IS LIVING. Living is not waiting for the action, it’s taking the action. You are what you are waiting for and guess what? You’re next in line – go get em.

It doesn’t do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.


Your Stories

Your Stories

We want to hear about you. Everyone has a story and we are constantly reminded of this. And while most of us think our own story is too boring to share – I can promise there’s some pretty epic in amongst the years you’ve been here that we’re going to find interesting and may even learn a lesson from.

We want to hear yours.

Here is Jake’s to kick us off – yes it’s long. Go for a big drive, it’s worth the listen.