There's a cost to doing things wrong.

No more frustration. No more blown quads. No more sore back.

Just a better, more effective and enjoyable workout: every time you use the ergs.

"Where you thought you were working to the limits of your ability, it's really just the start. Jane has a way of showing you how true that is."
Joe cebula
crossfit twincities



I just had the opportunity of hosting Jane and her Project Row & Project Ski workshops recently at South Dublin Strength & Conditioning. To say the weekend exceeded my expectations is an understatement.

I was really impressed with Jane’s level of organisation and help when it came to hosting the event but where she really excelled was in the depth of her knowledge on using these machines, biomechanics and her ability to convey this information to every participant (all at various levels), and everyone improved their technique and efficiency pretty much immediately.

Knowledge aside, her enthusiasm was contagious and really added to a great weekend.

I honestly thought I had a good grounding in the mechanics of using the erg and skierg but I was shocked (and a little embarrassed) at how little I actually knew.

I would absolutely recommend attending this seminar if you get a chance.

Immediately it changed the way I will use these machines and how I apply them to my own coaching. I am excited to see my progress and more importantly my members progress in the coming months and I will be 100% looking to get Jane back here again soon!

12 resons to go to Project Row & Project Ski

  1. Quads will stop blowing up. The hallmark of incorrect rower technique is blown quads, from using them up and down the stroke. We’ll show you how to deload your quads, and load your hamstrings.

  2. Lower backs will stop aching. Likewise, a sore lower back is another sign of incorrect rower and skierg technique.

  3. It actually is really good fun.

  4. You won’t feel frustrated anymore. The worst thing about not knowing how to ski or row properly is that it makes you feel useless. We show you how good you really are, with just a few technique changes.

  5. You get a better workout. And a more effective workout means better results, faster.

  6. We’ll take you from green-run to black-diamond. #skipun

  7. Your performance will CATAPULT forwards.

  8. I met Jake at Project Row. I’m not saying Project Row’s better than tinder, but Project Row is better than tinder.

  9. Remember that better, more effective workout? Well that just means that all other things equal, you’ll look better naked. You’re welcome.

  10. It’s cheaper than a night out on the town, with way fewer regrets.

  11. We’ll explain exactly why should almost never row on a 10, why a higher damper is not “harder”, where to put your own damper setting and end that conversation once and for all.

  12. Did we mention that it’s fun? Heaps of seminars are boring af. Not this one.


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Always smiling.

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Tia Clair-toomey
& james newbury

I am SO happy that I got the chance to coach these two incredible athletes on the Concept2 Skierg up at Tia-Clair’s homebase in Gladstone.

Helen & alison at crossfit warrnambool

Coaching amazing athletes it fun, but my heart really lies in helping “ordinary” people realise what they’re really capable of.

What you do every day...

…is what you do. EVERY DAY.

Project Row and Ski are about fun. They’re about teaching your members what it feels like to move correctly, and that through effort they can improve. They walk away from the workshop excited about their training and proud of their capacity to learn and improve.

I am a big believer in the transferability of fitness and strength to everyday life, and as a result, the underlying intention of all that I teach is to show people what they are actually capable of.