Crew Boss Crew Type Crewmate 1 Name Crewmate 2 Name Partner Name Gym The Team Is Points
Scott a two Craig Millard Tough Fit All Boy 20
Sahale crew Rory… Avryl McCoy Heart Mountain Fitness Mixed 20
Scott a two Archie Thomas Tough Fit All Boy 20
Cheryl-Ann crew Louise Ange Tough Fit All Girl 19
Jake crew Nick Tod Forge Performance NW All Boy 19
Tony crew Kieran Winter Nikki paltridge The Garage gym Mixed 19
Britt crew Ali Leigh BlkOps Fitness All Girl 19
Sandra crew Peter Brehmer Mirza Karamovic Evolve Fitness Mixed 18
Nannie a two Roel Willems Buitengewoon sportief Mixed 18
Scott crew Daron McElroy Nick Driver Tough Fit All Boy 17
Julie crew Brent redden John mark seelig GOAT Mixed 17
Byron crew Byron Godfrey Chris Courtright C.J. Wagner All Boy 17
Dennis a two Raf Coolen Buitengewoon Sportief All Boy 17
Megan a two Frances Grisnigt Buitengewoon Sportief All Girl 17
Jessica a two Thad Alpine Training Center Mixed 17
Trish crew Amy Cormier Esposito Kim Salter GARAGE GYM 👊 All Girl 17
Amanda a two Sarah Shanahan Crossfit warrnambool All Girl 16
Jane crew Katie o’toole Jodie mackrell CrossFit Warrnambool All Girl 16
Connie crew Paul Hamer Torrey Udall The Alpine Training Center Mixed 16
Bec a two Jen Peak altitude training All Girl 15
Dennis crew Raf Coolen Ramon Thijssen Buitengewoon Sportief All Boy 15
Angela a two Jason Clampitt Los Campeones Mixed 15
Dorthe crew Britt Vossen Ceriel Smeets Buitengewoon Sportief All Girl 14
Jake a two Jesse CrossFit Warrnambool All Boy 14
Lenny a two Claudia Buitengewoon Sportief All Girl 14
Emily crew Ethon Burns Chad Miller Alchemy Strength and Conditioning Mixed 14
Jason a two Clint Livingston CrossFit Mt Juliet All Boy 12
Liz a two Dave Barber Home Mixed 12
Ron crew Joe monette Dean grondin The garage gym amherstburg All Boy 11
Meggan a two Joe Cebula CF Twin Cities Mixed 11
Jake a two Nick Forge Performance NW All Boy 10
Morgan crew Beth Natalie Garage Gym All Girl 10
Phil a crew David Adam All Boy 10
Scott a two Daron McElroy Tough Fit All Boy 9
Andrew a two Carrie Grant Relentless Pursuit SC Mixed 9
Annie a two Lisa Chiarrelli Crossfit Training Yard All Girl 9
Mike a two Katusha Roca @nrthsqd Mixed 8
Winston crew Josh mailloux Greg Grondin The Garage Gym All Boy 8
Dave a two Steve due Heart mountain fitness All Boy 8
Megan a two Frances Grisnigt Buitengewoon Sportief All Girl 7
Ian a two Chad Regester Heart Mountain Fitness All Boy 7
Alan a two Paul Bailey The Chase All Boy 7
Kathleen crew Debbie Kelly Marie Dove Heart mountain fitness All Girl 7
Antonio crew Troy Bockius Dave Henniger BlkOps Fitness All Boy 6
Megan crew Zach Adams Aaron Mulkey Heart Mountain Fitness Mixed 6
Acadia a two Mere Tribble Heart Mountain Fitness All Girl 6
Posi crew Wazza Ivo Crossfit Warrnambool All Boy 6
Emily crew Liz Scott Kristen Pavlich Garage Gym amherstburg All Girl 6
Monique a two Dorthe Verheijden Buitengewoon sportief All Girl 6
Lauren crew Dustin Lee John Foster Alchemy Mixed 6
Russ crew Paul Indergaard Emily Indergaard Cross Fit Twin Cities Mixed 6
John crew Jeff Melko Valdine Pocock Garage Gym Mixed 5
Lindsey a two DamianDarker The lab performance and nutrition Mixed 5
Yvonne crew Julie Sonya Heart Mountain Fitness All Girl 5
Melene crew Merlene Johnson Deanna Schuebel Heart Mountain Fitness All Girl 5
Amy a two Emily Heart Mountain Fitness All Girl 5
John crew Melissa Tregaskiss Corey Vultaggio Garage Gym Mixed 4
Jeremy a two Leon tung Pulse lab All Boy 4
Megan crew Lindsey Walborn Kat McKenzie Stilwell Relentless Pursuit All Girl 4
Amy crew Emily Swett Echo Kelly Heart Mountain Fitness All Girl 4
Linda a two Karen Heart MountainFitness All Girl 4
Ian a two David Contemporary Athlete All Boy 3
Amy crew Shawn LeBlanc Felicia Menard Garage Gym Mixed 3
Laura a two Madison Smith Bennefit All Girl 3
Leigh crew Marshall Logan Jake Zippel CrossFit Warrnambool All Boy 2
Kelsey a two Travis Tyrrell Alchemy Strength & Conditioning Mixed 2
Jennifer crew Leslie Hoeckle Connie Sutherland Forge Performance All Girl 2
Amy a two Jessica Bills Bennefit All Girl 2
Fiona crew Leanne Anders Stanley Meissner Bright Bootcamp Mixed 2
Emily crew Billie Stapleton Lia Mastronardi The Garage Gym All Girl 2
Neal crew Marin Martinić Michael Murray SDSC All Boy 2
Wayne crew Niall Matthews Ian Kennedy HIIT fitness All Boy 1
Paul a two Kyle Soh Pulse lab Mixed 1
Connie crew Jen deburg Leslie hoeckle Forge performance All Girl 1
Esther a two Jen Neal Survive & Thrive All Girl 1
Joe a two JoJo CrossFit Twin Cities Mixed 1
Allison crew Don smith Tara Nesbit The Garage Gym Mixed 1
Jake crew Jason Morley Clinton Bell crossfit warrnambool All Boy 1
Amy crew Tara Melissa Heart Mountain Fitness All Girl 0.5
Wayne crew Niall Matthews John O’ Sullivan HIIT fitness All Boy 0
Jason crew Jason Davis Clint Livingston CrossFit Mt Juliet All Boy 0
Brian crew John Matt Alchemy All Boy 0
Nora crew Steve Kidd Sabrina Bilyk Garage Gym Mixed 0
Erich crew Ginie Izzo Michelle Wadsworth Of the Lion Fitness Mixed 0
Kevin a two Dennis Leahy Blk Ops All Boy 0
Kevin a two Dennis Leahy All Boy 0
Lynda crew Rebecca Greg Evans garage gym Mixed 0
Alison crew Damien Tan Jarrod Lewis CrossFit Warrnambool Mixed 0
Karey crew Mellissa Ciotoli Emily Douramakos The Garage Gym Mixed 0
Dale crew Stacey Bourke Mark Stracey The Performance Club Mixed 0
Kylie a two Alec McGeary Mixed 0
Barry a two Sarah Doyle HIIT fitness Mixed 0
The Bowldens a two Courtney Ferndale anytime fitness Mixed 0
Ann-Marie crew Philippa Greene Siobhan Greene HIIT fitness All Girl 0
Lisa crew Melissa Staci Garage gym All Girl 0
Sarah crew Eli B Susan B SDSC All Girl 0
Jessie crew Tan y Bonner Kelsey Roop Heart Mountain Fitness All Girl 0
Keven a two Ceri Peers Jetts Caloundra Mixed 0
Wonder crew Lucy Carr Katrina Hernandez Crossfit Sledge at The Forge All Girl 0
Steve crew Carol Janie Heart Mountian Fitness Mixed 0
Joanne crew Marianne Mailloux Linda Monette The Garage Gym All Girl 0
Jenny a two Amanda Bauer Bennefit All Girl 0
Catherine a two Caroline 3bfit All Girl 0
Kate a two Emma Warrnambool 24/7 gym and fitness All Girl 0
Jessica a two Ian Stevenson BlkOps Mixed 0
Ian a two Chad regester Heart mountain fitness All Boy 0