Become a Patron of the Renegade Movement.

Last year we launched our Certification program and we now have 24 certified coaches worldwide. The best of the best, I believe, and many of you are lucky to call them your coach. I created this ‘earned not given’ opportunity to build an army (yes Harry Potter fans you know what I’m talking about…) and I believe our army is strong.

But we need more help.

What my vision is for the next 12 months is to continue the movement we have created. To continue to deliver seminars, create online comps and the big one: Renegade Games. All of these projects (lol my whole life is literally a project…) are to create an incredible community of people who ‘get it’. 

Got skills?

We need help with content, events, training, policy creation, Public Relations, fund raising, a team, and probably a whole heap more that we’re not even aware of right now.



I Got Skills