There is a cost to doing things wrong.

There is a cost to doing things wrong.

Today I’m feeling like I’m on a little war path… chatting with Jake earlier we were discussing my need to be polite when it comes to the rower & skierg being used incorrectly in so many gyms and studios right now.

He was mad at me because he was like “you’re more worried about one person’s hurty feelings than the thousands who’re are going to hurt themselves?”

He’s right too (damn 🤦‍♀️😂) but with the rise in fitness facilities, we’ve seen a serious decline in quality delivery.

Under & UNqualified people are leading sessions, supervising workouts & basically cheering people through potentially dangerous movement patterns, yet calling themselves coaches & fitness professionals? #wtf

The funny thing is I keep telling myself that surely the risk of no exercise is worse than the risk of a gym injury right?

And then I realise that neither risk is necessary. There’s information out there to do things right. And when you’re a ‘coach’ you have a responsibility to seek out that information and constantly upskill.

The rower & the skierg can absolutely lead to injury for your clients if you mislead them.

Every stroke they do wrong is your responsibility.

And there is a cost to doing things wrong.

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