There’s a cost to doing things wrong…

There’s a cost to doing things wrong…

There’s a cost to doing things wrong. And there’re benefits to doing things right.

I met with a doctor (yup, a real doctor 🥼) yesterday to talk about the new “Prehab” component to Project Row and Project Ski.

It shouldn’t be a novel idea, in his words, to be preventing injury rather than treating it. But in this industry it really seems like people underestimate how important this really is.

Project Row and Ski have always been exciting, fun and massively inspirational. I’ve always taught correct technique because it’s such an important part of not just preventing injuries FROM the ergs, but using the ergs to create a body that’s injury-proof from OTHER movements.

But now I’m on the warpath: a warpath to show everyone how correct technique can…

…make you stronger
…make you look better
…make you perform better
…make you row and ski better (obvs! 😂) .

And guarantee that you aren’t going to hurt yourself – and derail your training for months – in the process.

Do you have a sore back after using the rower? Sore Achilles/calves from the skierg?

Does your trainer or coach ever say “and just hop on the rower” or something like that?

Project Ski and Row are for you: the cure for bullshit, and the preventative medicine to keep you injury-free.

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