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Two Day Evening Course

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  • Wednesday: Project Row Fundamentals
  • Thursday: Project Row Advanced
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  • Tuesday & Wednesday July 16 -17 17:30 - 20:00
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Jane Erbacher, Founder

Project Row

Over 2000 people all over the world have learned how good they really are, when they erg with the correct technique.

Through my work in hundreds gyms all over the world, I recognized that there were a lot of everyday athletes out there who would simply never say good things about the rower. They dreaded any workout that involved it, and would actively avoid workouts that feature it!

All the negativity was born out of frustration. Through Project Row I’ve been able to unlock all the benefits of rowing and skiing – general fitness, body composition and yes, performance, too – all by the very simple act of enabling people to enjoy using the ergs by teaching them the correct technique.

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Members Only

Two Day Course

$195 $ 145 USD
  • Tuesday: Project Row Fundamentals
  • Wednesday: Project Row Advanced
  • Members Only Pre-Sale Offer
Take advantage of the pre-sale
There are only 20 tickets available at this price!
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Project Row 

Project Row is devoted to learning the fundamentals of the rower. 

Devoted to teaching you the best possible foundation for often dramatic improvements in erging, after Project Row you’ll:

  1. know the four key stages of the rower and skierg technique;
  2. understand how the machines work, and how that impacts YOU, the user
  3. know how to set up the rower for you and others, and how to hold the skierg handles (yes, people get it wrong!);
  4. understand how to use your body to generate masses of power on the rower and the skierg;
  5. know that size DOESN’T MATTER;
  6. know how the damned monitor works.

You’ll also have a blast learning all this, and most importantly of all, you’ll learn how good at this you really are!

"Where you thought you were working to the limits of your ability, it's really just the start. Jane has a way of showing you how true that is."
Joe Cebula
CrossFit Twin Cities

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I just had the opportunity of hosting Jane and her Project Row & Project Ski workshops recently at South Dublin Strength & Conditioning. To say the weekend exceeded my expectations is an understatement.

I was really impressed with Jane’s level of organisation and help when it came to hosting the event but where she really excelled was in the depth of her knowledge on using these machines, biomechanics and her ability to convey this information to every participant (all at various levels), and everyone improved their technique and efficiency pretty much immediately.

Knowledge aside, her enthusiasm was contagious and really added to a great weekend.

I honestly thought I had a good grounding in the mechanics of using the erg and skierg but I was shocked (and a little embarrassed) at how little I actually knew.

I would absolutely recommend attending this seminar if you get a chance.

Immediately it changed the way I will use these machines and how I apply them to my own coaching. I am excited to see my progress and more importantly my members progress in the coming months and I will be 100% looking to get Jane back here again soon!
David McConkey
  • Project Row
    July 16, 2019 - July 17, 2019
    5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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